Monday, January 4, 2010

While I'm Waiting...

OK, I'll admit it... some movies make me cry. Especially Fireproof, which is really where the title of my blog came from. It is actually a song by a guy named John Waller. You should be able to listen to it on the main page of my blog (it's over to the right!)

Are you waiting on something? Is there something that you don't have and that you want that everyone else around you seems to be able to get with no problem at all? Well, for me, that would be a child... It seems so hard sometimes when you want something so badly and it never comes. It's hard to wait on the Lord.

I was reading in a book today about prayer and how sometimes you don't feel like praying specifically for something because God already knows what you want. You don't want to "pester" Him with prayers because He is already aware of your desires. The author gave the reference of Luke 18: 2-5: "...yet because this widow bothers me, I will give her legal protection, otherwise by continually coming, she will wear me out." Does this mean that I will ever wear God out with my comtinued prayers for a child? No! It is just a demonstration of how God wants us to come to Him with specific needs and desires.

So, back to the song... The chorus says it all: "While I'm waiting, I will serve you , while I'm waiting, I will trust you!" If you've been waiting on something that never seems to come, just remember to keep bringing your prayers to the feet of Jesus no matter how long it takes. And always serve Him and trust Him, no matter what the outcome is!

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  1. Though I am not commenting on all your blogs as I read, I am very much enjoying them! I 'conect' on some level with all, but this one really touched my heart and I related to it. Keep writing, sharing, teaching...